Escudo Concejo Municipal

Esperanza Municipal Council


The colonization contract, in its item 13 established "The settlers will have the right to appoint a Colonial Body of 10 members, conferred with the right to advise the Registrar in definite casses, vote the budget, and produce to the Government the convenience or need of improving legal proceeding". The municipal regime, which would be later prescribed by the Provincial Constitution on 4 th. May 1856, was thus being conveyed "Town Halls will be established in all the departament of the colony at their earliest convenience; their regime will be based on an organic land which will determine their attributions and competence.

This valuable precedent registered in our colony is important because the municipal regime is the basis of all democracy.

With the local government, the right of citizen to choose thosein charge of public ownership is exercised, then extending to provincial and national levels.