Escudo Concejo Municipal

Esperanza Municipal Council

First Election

The first election was held on 12 th. May 1861, through a popular approved by the following:


Article 1).- The elections held in Esperanza, dated the 12 th. May are approved Article 2).- The Municipal Council will start on Sunday 26 th. May, under the head of the Registrar who will preside this act. Article 3).- Be released and known and given to. R.O. Signed: ROSAS. Simón de Iriondo. He agrees. Manuel R. Pujato Sub-Secreta.

The elected representatives were: From the French Canton: Jorge Dayer, Eduardo Mahieu, Luis Carrel, Luis Perret y Luis Van Strate. From the German Canton: José Maurer, Juan Jacob, Francisco Schürrer, Santiago Weidmann and Adolfo Kees. President: Adolfo Gabarret. Registrar Secretary Translator: Mauricio Jost, chosen by the Council.


As two languages were spoken in the colony, and the population was divided in equal parts between German Swiss and French Swiss, apart from German and Belgium, to avoid deferences and quarrels, five members representing each language were elected. The minutes of the first years were done in French, up to 1863, with exceptions of notes in German or Spanish, as it can be seen in the First Book which is conserved, a true curiosity for the Argentine public administration.