Escudo Concejo Municipal

Esperanza Municipal Council

The Shield of Esperanza

The first shield of the corporation had also an inscription in French. It consisted in an oval with the printing "MUNICIPALITE DE LA COLONIE DE ESPERANZA". The first heraldic sign used in the colony was the representation of a plow, other being added later, representing agriculture. The shield acquiered different appearance through the years, always reflecting agricultural feature of the area, until 1898, when the present one was inposed by usage and practice. It was sanctioned by the following.


Article 1º).- The Municipal shield is created, which should represent agriculture as the basis of progress, in this way: an oval made up of two sheaves of wheat and flax interwoven, showing an inverted anchor. Article 2º).- Since the next 1st. January, all the seals and stamps to be used by the Town Hall should have the shield created by the current statute. Article 3º).- Let it be known, etc., in Esperanza, November 7th., 1898.

L. Premoli F. Soria
Secretario Presidente

Escudo MunicipalThe attributes of the shield, the anchor and the two sheaves of wheat and flax, take all the oval space, surrounded by two laurel branches tied up with a national ribbon. In between, both ends, the date 1861 is printed. On its foot, the inscription Esperanza Town. The inscription "Subdivision of the property" was later added on the external top part of the oval. There exists no official documentation of this modification. In the city corridors in was rumoured the shield was the desire of settlers, which became extended to the colonies founded later by private action. The anchor with its inverted position may mean the stability dreamt about by the earliest settlers in their colonization ideals, which have become today a magnificent and blessed reality.