Escudo Concejo Municipal

Esperanza Municipal Council

Working of the Council or Municipal Corporation

At the beginning, the Corporation was made up of ten appointed members and two substitutes, the Registrar being the President.

The Council was a unique body, in charge of the municipal administration. It worked like this until the 26 th. October, 1872, when the Legislature sanctioned a reform reducing the number to eight, and divided it into two parts: a Deliberative assembly made up of five members and an Executive one made up of three members.

Its remained like until the sanction of the Provincial Constitution in 1883, establishing that Town Halls would be formed by a Deliberative Assembly and an Executive Departament in charge of a Municipal Mayor, in both cases elected by the people. The election of the Mayor remained until 1890.

Ever since, the new provincial constitution determined that he would be appointed by the Executive power in agreement with the Legislative body. The system remained until 1933. The Municipal Organic Law Nº 2315 reestablished the voting for the office of Mayor.

It should be noted that this Law was observed from 24-01-33 to 30-10-35, when the province was overruled federally, going back to the previous system. It was not before 1962, with the sanction of the new Provincial Constitutions, that the people have got again the righ to choose their own Local Mayor.